Friday, 27 April 2018

How to Resolve Paper Jam Issue in Your printer?

HP Printer Support Number
Printers are being used with almost every computing device to print your computed documents into the form of hard copies. Nowadays, printers are considered as an integral peripheral for computer, laptop, and tablets. Moreover, the AirPrint support has made it useful for Android, iPod, iPad and other similar devices. Using printer is simple, but resolving related issues can be quite bothersome. The most commonly occurring and annoying issue with printers is paper jam issue.
Let’s discuss what all actions can help you to repair the paper jam issues and avoid it in order to achieve the consistent performance of your printer. 
Follow the guidelines to fix the printer jam issues:
  • Restart your printer: If you keep your printer turn-on while fixing a paper jam, the user may generate heat which can destroy other parts as well. So, unplug your printer from the computer and turn it off till the issues is resolved.
  • Clear the access to the paper: It’s important to find the route which is jammed with paper. To clear the jam, open the printer’s tray one by one. Also, push the paper from the input tray to output tray so avoid friction. Do not remove the paper in opposite direction, this will cause more damage.
  • Clean all the scrap: Remove all the paper leftovers and other waste material from the tray. Look for small pieces of papers. Pull the paper trashes in the direction of printing because pulling it backward can make things even worse. If you find something irremovable or other damaging material inside your printer, contact HP Printer Support Number for assistance. Also, clean the paper roller with a mild cloth.
  • Restart your printer: Connect the printer to your computing device and let it start. The printer will automatically adjust itself. Ty to print and if it shows same error again, try it to restart or contact HP printer Toll-Free Number

Tips to avoid paper jam:

  • Never overload your printer with paper. Use your printer patiently.
  • Make sure that your printer is properly configured and setup with your device.
  • At one time, use one type of papers. Using different quality of paper at a time can cause a paper jam.
  • Update your printer’s drivers time to time. Also, make sure you make all required adjustments in the settings of printers on your computing device.
  • Follow the guide of the printer which comes with your printer to find the exact length and width of the paper required. Dial HP Help Number: +1-855-505-7815 Or Visit: HP Customer Service


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