Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Epson vs. HP Inkjet Printers! Which One is Best?

Investing in a printer involves consideration of so many factors which are to be taken care of. As the technology is getting advanced, printers are also getting equipped with a variety of features. Each and every model of a printer is developed with various features. So out of all the brands and their models out there, you can conduct a research and get the best one for you. Here we have provided you a comparison of Epson and HP Inkjet printer so that it gets easier for you to decide which one to go for. Except this, if you need support for HP printers, you can contact the HP Customer Service for the required help.

Following are some of the important factors which need to be considered before choosing between Epson and HP Inkjet Printer:

  • Print Quality: The most important factor to be considered while purchasing a printer is the quality of the prints it offers. Here while choosing between Epson and HP Inkjet printer, you can go with the Epson printer as it is effective in providing better quality prints as compared to HP one. If you are facing any issue with the print quality of your HP printer, you can get in touch with us at HP Printer Support.
  • Printing Speed: Talking about the printing speed of both the printer, there is not much difference. On one hand, Hp prints 9 pages per minute while Epson can produce 8 prints per minute. If we compare the graphic prints, then the Epson one is better as it can print 3 pages per minute as compared to 2 pages by HP.
  • Copying and scanning speed: On the basis of speed to copy a page, Hp takes around 24 seconds to complete while Epson can do the same in around 11 seconds. Talking about color prints, here also Epson wins as it takes 28 seconds as compared to the HP one which takes around 35 seconds. For scanning purpose also, Epson is considered better than HP taking around 30 seconds per scan. For all Epson printer related issues, you may contact Epson Printer Support anytime.
  • Cost of Ink: Epson is economical in case of ink cost as it requires around 21% per page as compared to 23% per page usage by HP. So if you are a user of HP then you will be frequently required to refill your ink cartridge which is not the case for Epson inkjet printer.
  • Paper Handling: Epson is better in double-sided printing discharging at 5.5ppm as compared to HP one, doing a 3.6ppm. For paper handling comparison, duplex and installing an automatic document feeder should be taken into consideration.

On an overall basis, we can easily compare both the printers and can reach a conclusion. However, it is always about the personal choice of a buyer that which printer fulfills his needs as well as is under the budget. It is always recommended to do a complete research for all the printers available in the market as new models keep coming every other day. But if you are not able to make a final decision for the printer suiting your requirements then you may take the support of our technical team which is available round the clock at Epson Toll-Free Number.

Here the technicians can guide you about all the pros and cons related to a particular model of the printer or if you need may other support for your printer then let us know. We will provide you genuine and honest feedback for all the products so that we can let you make the best investment in a printer.

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Epson vs. HP Inkjet Printers! Which One is Best?

Investing in a printer involves consideration of so many factors which are to be taken care of. As the technology is getting advanced, pri...