Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Epson vs. HP Inkjet Printers! Which One is Best?

Investing in a printer involves consideration of so many factors which are to be taken care of. As the technology is getting advanced, printers are also getting equipped with a variety of features. Each and every model of a printer is developed with various features. So out of all the brands and their models out there, you can conduct a research and get the best one for you. Here we have provided you a comparison of Epson and HP Inkjet printer so that it gets easier for you to decide which one to go for. Except this, if you need support for HP printers, you can contact the HP Customer Service for the required help.

Following are some of the important factors which need to be considered before choosing between Epson and HP Inkjet Printer:

  • Print Quality: The most important factor to be considered while purchasing a printer is the quality of the prints it offers. Here while choosing between Epson and HP Inkjet printer, you can go with the Epson printer as it is effective in providing better quality prints as compared to HP one. If you are facing any issue with the print quality of your HP printer, you can get in touch with us at HP Printer Support.
  • Printing Speed: Talking about the printing speed of both the printer, there is not much difference. On one hand, Hp prints 9 pages per minute while Epson can produce 8 prints per minute. If we compare the graphic prints, then the Epson one is better as it can print 3 pages per minute as compared to 2 pages by HP.
  • Copying and scanning speed: On the basis of speed to copy a page, Hp takes around 24 seconds to complete while Epson can do the same in around 11 seconds. Talking about color prints, here also Epson wins as it takes 28 seconds as compared to the HP one which takes around 35 seconds. For scanning purpose also, Epson is considered better than HP taking around 30 seconds per scan. For all Epson printer related issues, you may contact Epson Printer Support anytime.
  • Cost of Ink: Epson is economical in case of ink cost as it requires around 21% per page as compared to 23% per page usage by HP. So if you are a user of HP then you will be frequently required to refill your ink cartridge which is not the case for Epson inkjet printer.
  • Paper Handling: Epson is better in double-sided printing discharging at 5.5ppm as compared to HP one, doing a 3.6ppm. For paper handling comparison, duplex and installing an automatic document feeder should be taken into consideration.

On an overall basis, we can easily compare both the printers and can reach a conclusion. However, it is always about the personal choice of a buyer that which printer fulfills his needs as well as is under the budget. It is always recommended to do a complete research for all the printers available in the market as new models keep coming every other day. But if you are not able to make a final decision for the printer suiting your requirements then you may take the support of our technical team which is available round the clock at Epson Toll-Free Number.

Here the technicians can guide you about all the pros and cons related to a particular model of the printer or if you need may other support for your printer then let us know. We will provide you genuine and honest feedback for all the products so that we can let you make the best investment in a printer.

Monday, 11 June 2018

A Complete Guide to Resolve the HP Print head Error in HP printers (+1-855-505-7815)

When the print-head get clogged with the dried ink, it prevents you from printing documents using your HP printer. Also, the damage or missing print-head can be a reason behind the issues. These issues won’t allow you print. Though the HP printers are equipped with a self-cleaning feature, sometimes you need to resolve the issues manually. Also, HP Printer Customer Service is available day-to-night to help troubled users.
The solution for HP print head errors:

Eradicate, clear and re-install:
  • Start the printer by pressing the power button.
  • Open the top of the printer and make the cartridge accessible.
  • Pull the cartridge out and place them on paper or cloth kipping the ink nozzle upward.
  • Make sure to fix it in before 30 minutes or less it can destroy your printer and cartridge.
  • Use the latch handle to open the print cartridge.
  • Remove the printhead by lifting it up.
  • Thoroughly clean the print-head with soft cot hot paper.
Print-head consist of three major parts, namely:
  1. The plastic ramps.
  2. Space between electric contacts and nozzles.
  3. Electrical Contacts.
Warning: Never touch the nozzles or electric contacts bare-handed. Use clothes or cleaning material to touch it.

Clean the printer this way:
  • All you need for cleaning the print-head is clean cloth or soft tissue paper.
  • Water or another cleaning agent.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the area of electrical contact thoroughly. But never touch the nozzles with cloth or fingers. Soak all the ink with a cloth until its all dry.
  • Clean the edges and area between nozzles and plastic ramps.
  • Now use a dry cloth to and rub it gently to remove the humidity.
  • While cleaning the printer, keep the latch handle vertically upward.
  • Install cartridge back to the place and gently lower the latch handle.
  • To help you in installation, there are colored icons available. Follow the icons and perfectly place the cartridges.
  • Close the top of the printer.
Restart the printer:
  • Keep the printer on but remove the power cord from the plug.
  • Wait for a minute or two.
  • Now plug the power cord back.
  • Turn on the printer and start printing normally.
Alternative solution:
Cleaning the print head is not so difficult, but sometimes technical glitches can cause trouble to the user. So, if you stuck at any point while trying to recover the issues, one can call HP Printer Support Number, to get help from experts.
Call us at HP Toll-Free Number: +1-855-505-7815
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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

HP Printer Installation Guide with Easy Steps +1-855-505-7815

Support For HP Printer

HP printers are booming like anything in the IT sector and the major reason for its popularity is simplicity and user-friendly interface of the printer. Though Installing and updating the HP printer device is an easy and smooth process, a single missing step an affect the entire installation process. There are many users are not technically sound and thus installation becomes nail-walk for them. Here in this blog, we are mentioning the steps to provide support for install and update HP printer.
Establish the connection between printer and computer:
Use USB cable, port cable or any other mean to connect the printer to your computing device and follow the steps:
  • Click on Connect a new printer and then follow the on-screen prompts to connect.
  • Now turn off the printer by pressing the power button for a while.
  • Quit all the other program running on your device and reboot on your device.
  • Switch on the HP printer.
  • Now go the HP printer Assistance.
Important Note: If you are connecting a wireless printer, make sure that the both your printer and computer devices are sharing the same network and there is no obstacle preventing you from sharing network.
Setup and Install printer software:
The HP printer software allows you to access the complete range of HP printer software:
  • Make sure anything is perfectly plugged in and turned on.
  • Now insert the CD into your device. Go to My computer under Start, go to DVD/CD drive and Start or Install file. Now double click to run the setup file.
Install drivers for your printer:
Now install the drivers which are important for the functioning of the printer on your computer. Follow the steps to install the printers:
  • Go to the Control panel of your computing device.
  • Double click on the printers and then printers and fax under Control panel.
  • Now go to the Windows Printer Wizard and go to Next.
  • Now choose the option from Local printing or Network printing. Now go to the Local printer attached to this computer and tick to the Next.
  • Now locate the printer drivers under the directories of drivers.
Important Tip: While installing the drivers make sure you get the updated version from the official site or else it can destroy the complete installation and setup.
If you want to update the printer, follow all the above-given method, just re-install the drivers and software.
The helping hand:
If you aren’t capable of installing the printer on your device, you must contact HP printer customer service. Call the experts to get an instant remedy for your respective concern. HP Printer Contact Number is accessible across the clock. The technicians will help you remove any hindrance or technical glitches using the most accurate as well as technically advanced methods.
HP Printer Toll-Free-Number: +1-855-505-7815

Monday, 7 May 2018

Get Affordable and Effective Canon Printer Support Number +1-855-505-7815

Are you unable to complete your office work because of the Canon printer issue? Do you want to fix your printer problem quickly? If so, then there is no other better way than contacting Canon Printer Support Number. Whenever you stuck with your Canon printer, all you have to do is simply give us a call on your toll-free support number. Our experienced and dedicated technical support team will help you solve the problem. We are one stop solution for all your Canon printer related problems.
We have been in this industry for many years and have earned a special image in front of many customers. Due to offering incredible printer service, lots of customers love to choose our service. Our Canon Printer Customer Carerevolves around the most prominent things such as satisfaction, quality, and affordable price.
We understand that we are all now in the rush and no time to wait for something to do. We know the issues that you face when your printer stuck suddenly. This may delay your office and personal work. In such scenario, you will contact us and get professional support service to solve the problem.
Here are the ways in which we cater you the best Canon printer technical support.
  • We have an excellent team of professionals who have sound knowledge and experience in diagnosis and repair all printer related issues. As we are working as the one-stop destination for all printer problem, you do not need to go anywhere else to get a solution for your printer issue
  • You may call us via Canon Printer Contact Number when you confront issues such as installation, upgrade, driver installation, network connectivity, and other issues. We are always here to serve the best printer support
  • Our well-experienced support team will make you feel glad and satisfy with their incredible service. The team has great knowledge in solving printer issues whether it is technical or non-technical
  • We also offer the best on-demand supportive printer service. If you have any confusion regarding our printer service, then you may contact us and speak with our professionals directly over the phone
  • Our printer support service is cost effective and affordable so that anyone who is facing a problem with the Canon printer can contact us immediately without any hesitation.
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Friday, 27 April 2018

How to Resolve Paper Jam Issue in Your printer?

HP Printer Support Number
Printers are being used with almost every computing device to print your computed documents into the form of hard copies. Nowadays, printers are considered as an integral peripheral for computer, laptop, and tablets. Moreover, the AirPrint support has made it useful for Android, iPod, iPad and other similar devices. Using printer is simple, but resolving related issues can be quite bothersome. The most commonly occurring and annoying issue with printers is paper jam issue.
Let’s discuss what all actions can help you to repair the paper jam issues and avoid it in order to achieve the consistent performance of your printer. 
Follow the guidelines to fix the printer jam issues:
  • Restart your printer: If you keep your printer turn-on while fixing a paper jam, the user may generate heat which can destroy other parts as well. So, unplug your printer from the computer and turn it off till the issues is resolved.
  • Clear the access to the paper: It’s important to find the route which is jammed with paper. To clear the jam, open the printer’s tray one by one. Also, push the paper from the input tray to output tray so avoid friction. Do not remove the paper in opposite direction, this will cause more damage.
  • Clean all the scrap: Remove all the paper leftovers and other waste material from the tray. Look for small pieces of papers. Pull the paper trashes in the direction of printing because pulling it backward can make things even worse. If you find something irremovable or other damaging material inside your printer, contact HP Printer Support Number for assistance. Also, clean the paper roller with a mild cloth.
  • Restart your printer: Connect the printer to your computing device and let it start. The printer will automatically adjust itself. Ty to print and if it shows same error again, try it to restart or contact HP printer Toll-Free Number

Tips to avoid paper jam:

  • Never overload your printer with paper. Use your printer patiently.
  • Make sure that your printer is properly configured and setup with your device.
  • At one time, use one type of papers. Using different quality of paper at a time can cause a paper jam.
  • Update your printer’s drivers time to time. Also, make sure you make all required adjustments in the settings of printers on your computing device.
  • Follow the guide of the printer which comes with your printer to find the exact length and width of the paper required. Dial HP Help Number: +1-855-505-7815 Or Visit: HP Customer Service

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Fix HP Printer cartridge problem with HP Printer Support Number +1-855-505-7815

HP is the preeminent brand in the market and it has a propelled various peripherals effectively in the market. 
In spite of its high-innovation clients go over the cartridge issue that makes the issue in printing. In any case, clients require not to stress over this circumstance HP printer customer service can settle all the specialized blunders in minutes.
Ventures to take after:
Solution 2: Use Original ink cartridges
  • To start with, you have to go to HP safely.
  • On the off chance that required, you can pick a nation or a locale.
  • Next, you need to take the on-screen prompts to arrange new cartridge or you can watch that cartridge is perfect for your machine.
Solution 2: check the cartridges are fitted suitably
  • Now and again, you get blunders on your screen; along these lines, you have to check cartridges are set legitimately.
  • You have to squeeze its energy catch and turn ON the print machine and hold up until the point when the machine is sitting without moving and noiseless before proceeding.
  • From that point forward, it is required to open the cartridge to get to the entryway. You'll see that cartridge move to the focal point of the print machine and you have to hold up until the point when your machine gets to sit still and noiseless before you proceed.
  • Next, you have to check the shade of the ink cartridge and carriages; it is vital for you to check ink cartridge name coordinates the shading symbol on its carriage space.
When you do as such, you have to run your finger over ink cartridge where you have to check the unseated ink cartridge in the carriage and from that point onward, you have to push down on a cartridge whose level is higher than the others keeping in mind the end goal to solidly put the ink cartridge into its space.
In the event that, you find that ink cartridge doesn't fit into its space or it isn't set suitably at that point, you can expel the cartridge from the carriage. Presently you have to twist the tab from the ink cartridge and after that, you have to restart the ink cartridge with the goal that it can be set effortlessly in its given space.
Raise and afterward, you have to bring do
on its print-head hook to check it is bowing down.
Presently you have to close its open entry
way and give an attempt again to print the test page.
Ideally, these above-given advances will help you in settling the cartridge issue. In the event that, you require help with this respect at that point influence a call to the HP Printer Toll-Free Number. Specialists are reachable on the time to fix the HP Printer’s technical Problems of the users.
And also we provide tech support for:
Contact to HP Printer Toll-Free Number: +1-855-505-7815
Or Visit: HP Support

Monday, 9 April 2018

How to troubleshoot Wireless Printer(WI-Fi) That Won’t Print. Call +1-855-505-7815

HP Support Number
HP Support Number

Presently, the clients will get to the HP printer Technical Support Number for the printer issues. On the off chance that you are searching for the best enable, you to can contact us and get the help for your printer related issues. We are prepared to fathom any kind of printer issues and give the correct answer for the clients. Today, the majority of the clients are befuddled why they can't take print from the printer. We help them to comprehend such sort of issues. You can get to the HP Printer Support Number and contact the Technical Support group. We help the clients to tackle the issues related to the printer properly.

You can make sense of the issues early and dispose of it at the conceivable time. You don't make any defer for it and comprehend the normal issues. We help the clients to fathom the basic issues in possess way. You can get the best-specialized help administrations with us whenever. We are outstanding about a wide range of issues in the printer gadget. We have a group of very much experienced and gifted experts in the field and endeavor to offer the administrations at the perfect time. Keeping in mind the end goal to get the best arrangement, we help you to recuperate the printer issues.

Tackle the basic issues: 

The general population gets pressure about the basic issues displays in the printer. There are different reasons why the printer doesn't print any report. You can check any blunder message show up in the framework while printing the reports. HP technical support Number is extremely valuable for you to get the prompt help for the administrations. You can check the paper on the plate and ink and toner cartridges. On the off chance that the ink and cartridges are vacant, the printer won't print. Then again, you can watch that the USB link is embedded legitimately or not.

These are the essential concern if the printer won't print. You can make the correct association with the printer. You can check the links are effectively in the printer. Our printer bolster gives the well-ordered manual for fathom such sort of issues. This is regularly caused because of the association issue. You can check the power line arrange connector for the printer and right it to take the print just. We give round the clock administrations to the clients. You can connect with us and comprehend the issues in a brisk way.

Or Visit: HP Support Number 

Epson vs. HP Inkjet Printers! Which One is Best?

Investing in a printer involves consideration of so many factors which are to be taken care of. As the technology is getting advanced, pri...